Engaging Rural Youth in Development
» 08.04.2013
This month I’ve been spending a lot of time with young people in Chashka, a small rural municipality with some 7,600 citizens, 23 percent of whom are from ages 15 to 29.I was going there almost every day, with municipal officials, all eager to do something to improve the lives of the citizens in this municipality.

Reducing transport emissions: Time to be pragmatic!
» 08.03.2013
It’s mission impossible to drive in Skopje with your car windows down. Opening the vents is not an option either, as the car instantly fills with smoke from surrounding vehicles.Obviously, I don’t want my kids to breathe the air coming out of the tailpipes of other cars. And this sentiment is shared by every parent in the capital!

Opening up local government one person at a time
» 07.02.2013
When the UNDP team was brainstorming with our partners at the Ministry of Local Self-Government about how to bring citizens into decision-making at the local level, naturally, the internet came to mind, with its potential to allow citizens to gather, track, and analyze data and participate with their own ideas and solutions.

Disaster? There is an app for that!
» 20.11.2012
“I guess I’m a bit of an information freak!” says Vasko Popovski, UNDP’s Project Manager for Disaster and Climate Risks, when asked how he came up with the idea for a nifty new app that’s set to revolutionize public access to data on dangerous events like earthquakes, floods and fires and potential hazards like violent thunderstorms and heavy snowfalls.